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Als Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, Coach und Beraterin bietet Andrea Hofmann individuelle Sitzungen und Gruppenworkshops an. Ihre Praxis liegt Berlin Neukölln, dem so genannten “Kreuzkölln” der Schnittmenge aus Kreuzberg und Neukölln, direkt an den Grenzen zu Friedrichshain und Treptow. Sie können auch ortsunabhängig via Skype mit Andrea Hofmann arbeiten.

Andrea Hofmann ist seit vielen Jahren als Autorin und Dozentin tätig, unter anderem für den Humanistischen Verband Berlin-Brandenburg.

In Fachkreisen ist sie bekannt als Expertin für Basisches Baden – nicht zuletzt durch ihre Forschung, Produktentwicklung und vor allem ihre Publikationen und Seminare zum Thema Basenbad und Säure-Basen-Haushalt.

Neben jahrezehntelanger Erfahrung zeichnet sich Andrea Hofmann durch Interdisziplinarität und kreatives Denken aus. Sie ist sowohl in der angewandten Praxis als auch in Theorie und Forschung zuhause.

Individual session​

Individually tailored for you: according to your appointment request, your topic, your pace in the protected atmosphere of a one-on-one appointment.


Learning and practicing in the group. In group constellations there is the possibility once a month to constellate your own topic or to participate as a proxy.


Learn to apply the method yourself here. In the training modules you will learn Systemic Constellation in combination with EMDR for an effective, deep and lasting effect. Theory and practice with many exercises.


With Family Constellations Berlin you get the whole package of Systemic Constellations.

Part of Systemic Constellations are besides Family Constellation, Constellations of Topics, Constellations of Organisations, Constellations of Incidents, Transgenerational Constellations and more.

Andrea Hofmann offers all of the above and more. There is almost no topic you cannot check out in a constellation. You can use the method in Coaching as well as in Psychotherapy.


Book here: Individual Session for Familiy Constellations Berlin: Systemic Constellations & more


Family Constellation Berlin: Systemic Constellations and more

Behind the Systemic Constellation lies systemic thinking: everything is a system. A family, you and your spouse, you and your collegues with the boss, you and your illness, you and your job etc.

The Constellation is about the system and the relationships between the parts. Therefore the parts themselves of course are also important. If one part changes, it can change the whole system. Of course this is not linear but sometimes unpredictable things happen: like the butterfly that flaps it´s wings in Japan and causes a hurrican in the USA.


Possible topics in Systemic Constellations

You can choose to do the traditional Family Constellation. That means you get information about your family now. About what they think, feel, about their relationship to each other. The present is the product of the past.

So therefore very often you get information about the past too: why is my mum so scared? Maybe there was violence in her past and therefore she is scared now even though nothing scary is happening at the moment. And so forth. Each family member hast his or her story. Usually it gets more complex the more trauma a person has experienced.


Book here: Individual Session for Family Constellations Berlin: Systemic Constellations & more


How does Constellation work?

Find the topic

You can choose your topic. What is the question you need an answer to? What is a situation you need more information about?

It can be about family, your profession, a problem with a friend or why you have sleeping problems etc. All is possible.

An experienced Coach / therapist can help you find the most appropriate topic for you. Andrea Hofmann does Constellation Work for more than 20 years now and is vey experienced in all kinds of variations.


Choosing Representatives

When you know your topic the person guiding trough the Constellation helps you to choose the parts: how many are there?  For family: my parents and siblings, maybe a grandmother who lived with us. For my illness: me and my illness. It is important to get the setting right to have a Constellation that really helps you with your problem.

In a group setting you choose the representatives: one person who represents your father, one person for your mother etc. Also one person who represents you. You are not part of the constellation. Later on you can be part of it. But it is important that in the beginning you are not part of it but on the outside.

In an individual setting the coach / therapist can be not only the guide but also the representatives. Andrea Hofmann does this kind of individual sessions for 20 years now and is very experienced to be different parts of a constellation and switch back and forth.


Constellation is parts in space and interrelations

Now you can put the representatives in spatial relations, you let them stand in the room where you tell them or show them to stand, in which direction to look. It is very important to not overthink this but to do it “from your gut”, intuitively.


Systemic Constellation: just the look of it speaks

Once everybody has found her/his place or in the individual session the Coach/ Therapist goes from one part to the other, perceiving what it feels like, how they feel.

Very often just the look of the Constellation tells a lot. For example a Family Constellation where you can already see that all family members stand far from each other, all looking down at the floor or in a direction where nobody else is standing. They all are isolated, there is no connection and you can see it before anyone says anything. The spatial order of the parts can be very powerful and insightful.

The person who´s Constellation it is, is outside of the Constellation, looking at it. This is already for some people very interesting to see themselves from another point of view and their position in the Constellation. But they also see other parts of the Constellation and their relationship like they maybe never see it in real life. Maybe because they are so busy with focusing on a certain person that they never see two other people interacting or not interacting. This can already be surprising news.


Book here: Individual Session for Family Constellations Berlin: Systemic Constellations & more


Family Constellations: The representatives speak

Now – and this sounds probably weird – the guide of the Constellation is going to ask the representatives to speak. It is important to understand that they do not speak as the person they usually are but as the person the represent. This is not acting and has nothing to do with theater and playing a role as you THINK it would behave. But you say as you FEEL it behaves, thinks, feels.

In the individual session Andrea Hofmann takes the parts of the representatives and speaks one after the other, goes back and forth if there is a kind of conversation.

What the representatives perceive is sometimes what the person already knew but no one of the other family members shares the same perspective. So it can be very helpful to hear that from another person. For example: a son always felt “my father doesn´t love me” and he asked the father about it. But the father said: “no, it´s not true. I love you.” But the son just always felt unloved. So when in the Family Constellation the representative of the father says ” I know this is my son but I don´t have it in my heart to love him” can be very freeing for the son. Even though it can be devastating but finally it is the truth he always felt was true. So now he can process that and move on with his life. Before he was always bouncing back and forth from his truth (he doesn´t love me) to the words of the father (I love you).


Constellations as a way to experiment with solutions

A very good use of Constellations can be to check out different solutions to a problem.

For example you don´t feel good in the city you live in and you feel you want to move to another city. But you are not sure to which. That is a Constellation of Topic, the topic would be where you want to live.

Maybe you want to live where you are the most happy. Or where you find the best job opportunities or your spouse or something else. You can check that out in a constellation. And also the timing: would it be best to move this year or better next year etc.


Book here: Individual Session for Family Constellations Berlin: Systemic Constellations & more


Combination Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations with EMDR

The big strength of Constellations is that is can provide information about things, constellations, yourself, others. That can be very helpful. Quite often the information that is discovered by the Constellation needs to be processed in order to move on and do what you want.

The processing part is better done with the method EMDR. EMDR comes from trauma therapy and is the most efficiant method to process emotions, thoughts and of course trauma.

Andrea Hofmann combines Systemic Constellations and EMDR when needed. She can work with you while in the Constellation to process the information that just came to the surface.

So with the strength of both methods combined the sessions can be very effective and solve problems both quick and long lasting.


Book here: Individual Session for Family Constellations Berlin: Systemic Constellations & more


Family Constellations / Systemic Constellation as Workshop

Andrea Hofmann offers Family Constellations and all kinds of Systemic Constellations in a workshop. The Workshop is in german. If you understand some german you are welcome to participate.

More information about the workshop you find here:

Family Constellation / Systemic Constellation WORKSHOP

If you would like to attend, you can book a workshop here:

Workshop Family Constellations Berlin / Systemic Constellation (IN GERMAN): your own topic

Workshop Family Constellation Berlin / Systemic Constellation (IN GERMAN): be a representative



Training: guide your own Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations

If you are interested to learn how to do Systemic Constellations yourself and you speak german, you are welcome to book the training.

More information you find here:

Family Constellation / Systemic Constellation TRAINING

If you would like to attend, you can book a workshop here:

Ausbildung Familienaufstellung / Systemische Aufstellung hier buchen


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