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Als Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, Coach und Beraterin bietet Andrea Hofmann individuelle Sitzungen und Gruppenworkshops an. Ihre Praxis liegt Berlin Neukölln, dem so genannten “Kreuzkölln” der Schnittmenge aus Kreuzberg und Neukölln, direkt an den Grenzen zu Friedrichshain und Treptow. Sie können auch ortsunabhängig via Skype mit Andrea Hofmann arbeiten.

Andrea Hofmann ist seit vielen Jahren als Autorin und Dozentin tätig, unter anderem für den Humanistischen Verband Berlin-Brandenburg.

In Fachkreisen ist sie bekannt als Expertin für Basisches Baden – nicht zuletzt durch ihre Forschung, Produktentwicklung und vor allem ihre Publikationen und Seminare zum Thema Basenbad und Säure-Basen-Haushalt.

Neben jahrezehntelanger Erfahrung zeichnet sich Andrea Hofmann durch Interdisziplinarität und kreatives Denken aus. Sie ist sowohl in der angewandten Praxis als auch in Theorie und Forschung zuhause.

Individual session​

Individually tailored for you: according to your appointment request, your topic, your pace in the protected atmosphere of a one-on-one appointment.


Learning and practicing in the group. In group constellations there is the possibility once a month to constellate your own topic or to participate as a proxy.


Learn to apply the method yourself here. In the training modules you will learn Systemic Constellation in combination with EMDR for an effective, deep and lasting effect. Theory and practice with many exercises.


Inner Child session: book here your individual Inner Child Sessions & more


The Inner Child: A lot of mental blocks that constrain a satisfied grown-up life have their roots in more or less traumatic experiences during childhood. The Inner Child work can help to find and solve these experiences and the problems they cause later on.


What happened to the child stays in the Inner Child

Some negative experiences from childhood are the reason why people in situations today feel injured again. They  react extremely sensitive because the wound from childhood is touched again and hurts.


The child from the past in the adult of the present

They feel thrown back into the traumatic experience back into their childhood. They feel and sometimes also act as the child they use to be. At this moment they are the hurt child in the body of a grown-up, the 8-year-old in the body of a 36-year-old. Very often this reaction is unconscious or only partly conscious.


Inner Child work: different phases for different development stages

In the work with the inner child we discover every stage of childhood can have its problems if maturing does not take place. So together we have a look at all the stages that still cause problems today.

When you can see where you got hurt you can embrace yourself and therefore heal. You can learn to be the mother and father that your inner child needs. A healed past is the foundation of free, aware and self-determined action in the present.


Book here your individual Inner Child Session & more


Possible Topics for Inner Child Work

People come with problems and symptoms like: relationship issues, problems in their professional life, health issues (psychosomatic problems), mental health issues like burn out, depression, aggression and more.

Different causes lead to problems stemming from childhood

There are many causes in the past that can lead to problems or illnesses in the present. It can be neglectance, physical or mental abuse, accidents, early death of a parent etc.


The child and narcisstic parents

A special topic that quite a lot of people with trauma in their childhood have is (a) narcissist parent(s). Depending on the kind of narcissism and the extend of it this can be extreme trauma, also with psychological abuse, physical, sexual and other kinds of violence.


The child with a mentally ill parent

Very often people that have severe issues in adult life and come to my practise have a parent that was or still is mentally ill. In a majority of cases this person has not officially been diagnosed. In some cases the person feels that something is wrong but cannot put her/his fingers on it and doesn´t realize that there is a real mental illness behind it all – on the parent side.


Still face experiment: child with a parent that is not re-acting

A very interesting experiment was done in the 80s by . It is called still face experiment because the mother (of course that could also be a father) has a still face in the experiment. This kind of still face is what a depresses parent, a narcissist parent, a schizophrenic parent very often have – all the time.

By the way: this is also a face what a parent on the smartphone, TV, play station has for the child. So it is really important to understand what this kind of behavior does to the child if you do it often and/ or long enough. People don´t think about it, they think “I´m here for my child, right?” But from the perspective of the child they are not.



Book here: Inner Child individual session in english


Inner Child work in a group: Inner Child Workshop

Andrea Hofmann offers a group workshop for Inner Child Work in german. If you can speak and understand quite some german you are welcome to participate!


What do we do in the Inner Child Workshop?

The workshops is 5 moduls, each modul is one evening.

In each of the five workshops we work on a certain phase of childhood. Each phase has different stages of development for the child and therefore different kinds of problems which could be connected to this phase.

Of course there are some topics that can span over the whole childhood and even into the present like neglectance, “my mother / father doesn´t love me” or others. But even if it is one topic it can present itself very differently to the child. For example neglectance for a baby is extremely traumatising because it is just helpless. It is totally dependant on love, help, food, touch and other things from the parents.

If there are problems in that department it can be very existentially traumatising for the baby. Whereas the same topic in puberty or adolescence is still problematic but the teenager can find other people to connect, get help from elsewhere. Even though it still can be traumatising it is not so thouroughly existential as it is to the child.


Book here: Inner Child individual session in english

Book here (in german!): Inneres Kind Workshop (Gruppe) 5 Module

Book here (in german!): Inneres Kind Workshop (Gruppe) 1 Modul


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