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Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy come in different forms. With Andrea Hofmann you can book individual sessions tailored to your personal needs – short term and long term.


Strong methods bring effective and long-lasting solutions

Each method has its strengths and weak points. The most effective way is to combine the strengths of different strong methods. In this way it is possible to be individual and effective while at the same time producing fast and long-lasting results.

Andrea Hofmann works with the following methods: EMDR, Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations, Inner Child Work, Psycho-Kinesiology, Kinesiology, Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Bathing &  more …

Individual solutions for a variety of topics

People come to me with a wide variety of topics. Very often they are not sure what their real problem is, then we can find out it together with methods like Family Constellation, Systemich Constellation, Structural Constellation, Child work and some talking of course.

Andrea Hofmann can offer very effective long lasting support for problems and illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, C-PTSD, ADHD, sleeping problems, low energy, weight problems, low self-esteem, confusion about things like finding your way in the professional world, in relationships, finding your path in life.

Andrea is a specialist in working with narcissism like having (a) narcissist parent(s) or / and narcissist partner. She also has profound experience and knowledge in treating all kinds of violence: emotional violence (being neglected, ghosted, shamed, mobbed etc.), physical violence like beating, sexual violence like sexual abuse, rape etc.

Working with trauma it is very important to solve two problems:

1. to find the source of the trauma

2. to help you process the trauma

For both Andrea has methods that help much faster, more effective and longer lasting than only talking would.



Andrea Hofmann – Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy

Feel free to browse the webpage to find information on different topics and methods – last but not least on the blog.


I look forward to meeting you at an individual session or in a workshop!

Andrea Hofmann